PBA Board of Governors, 2017-18

President: Sharon R. López

President-Elect: Charles Eppolito III

Vice President: Anne N. John

Immediate Past President: Sara A. Austin

Chair, House of Delegates: Judge James J. Ross

Secretary: Michael J. McDonald

Treasurer: Terry D. Weiler

Chair, Young Lawyers Division: Jonathan D. Koltash

Chair-Elect, Young Lawyers Division: Alania Koltash

Immediate Past Chair, Young Lawyers Division: Joel C. Seelye

At-Large Governor: Samuel G. Encarnacion

At-Large Minority Governor: Trya Oliver

At-Large Governor: Jill M. Scheidt

Unit County Governor: Cheryl L. Young

Zone 1 Governor: Wesley R. Payne

Zone 2 Governor: E. Keller Kline

Zone 3 Governor: Bernadette M. Hohenadel

Zone 4 Governor: Rita G. Alexyn

Zone 5 Governor: Charles J. Vogt

Zone 6 Governor: James R. Antoniono

Zone 7 Governor: Phillip B. Friedman

Zone 8 Governor: Traci L. Naugle

Zone 9 Governor: Kim D. Morton

Zone 10 Governor: David E. Henderson

Zone 11 Governor: Larry E. Coploff

Zone 12 Governor: Jay N. Silberblatt



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