Superior Court of Pennsylvania

Candidates seeking to fill one open seat in the November 2021 Election:

Judge Timika R. Lane

Rating: Recommended

The candidate was elected to the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in 2013 presiding over criminal matters. Prior to her tenure on the court, she was in private practice with the majority of her practice related to family law. She also previously worked in the Public Defender’s Office. The candidate was appointed by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to co-chair a County Adult Probation Committee. She demonstrates her commitment to the legal profession through the instruction of continuing legal education courses and other educational activities. The candidate’s writing is well-reasoned, clear and concise. She demonstrates a commitment to public service and has extensive community involvement. For these reasons, the commission recommends her candidacy to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

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Megan Sullivan

Rating: Recommended

The candidate’s legal experience includes 19 years devoted to criminal and civil litigation practice. From 2002 through 2008, the candidate served as an assistant district attorney in Chester County and, thereafter, served for nearly four years as a supervisory district attorney in that office. Her responsibilities ranged from handling and overseeing all aspects of pre-trial criminal practice to trying cases as a line prosecutor. Before serving most recently as a Pennsylvania deputy attorney general with the Civil and Criminal Litigation Divisions of that office, the candidate served for three years as general legal counsel to West Chester University advising and representing the university on a variety of topics, including regulatory compliance, contract and arbitration matters. The candidate serves her community by supporting organizations that serve women and persons experiencing food and shelter insecurities. The candidate provided well-written samples of her work, and she is very well regarded by her peers being described as well-prepared, open and honest, and collegial. For these reasons, the commission recommends her candidacy for the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

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Judge John T. Bender 

Rating: Recommended for Retention 

The candidate has served on the Superior Court for the past 20 years, after being elected to the bench in 2001. He is regarded by his colleagues as having a positive judicial temperament and broad legal knowledge and expertise in Pennsylvania civil procedure. The candidate’s judicial opinions are well written, thorough and well-reasoned. He currently serves as president judge emeritus for the Superior Court of Pennsylvania and his decision to seek retention after 20years on the bench speaks to his dedication to the profession. For all of the reasons stated above, the commission recommends the candidate’s retention for the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

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Judge Mary Jane Bowes 

Rating: Recommended for Retention 

The candidate has served on the Pennsylvania Superior Court since 2001. The candidate is described by lawyers and judges as hard-working, thorough, prepared, brilliant, fair, and possessing integrity and outstanding legal ability. The candidate is highly regarded by her peers. Her legal opinions are clear and well written. She is well organized and strives to treat everyone with respect, patience and courtesy. The commission recommends the candidate for retention as a Superior Court judge. 

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