Real Property, Probate and Trust Law

The Section on Real Property, Probate and Trust Law shall take as its province the development and practical working of the law relating to real property in all its aspects and to decedents' and trust estates and guardianships.

P.A. Bylaws, Article VI, Section 657

Chair's Message

Welcome to the Real Property Probate and Trust Law page. My name is Mark Mateya and I am the chairperson of what we warmly refer to as the "death and dirt" section of the PBA. The intersection of real estate law and estate law is consistent enough that our sections are joined at the hip. If you are already a member, welcome. If you are a visitor, welcome to you as well.

Our section is focused on helping practitioners gain knowledge in his or her area of law. That helpfulness often shows up on our very active Listserv. Long before I was named to be a member of the council, I was helped by attorneys who freely shared their time and expertise with me through our Listserv. I marveled that men and women, some of whom I have crossed swords with, would openly share their knowledge.

The truth is, on both the real estate and estate and trust sides of our section, there is more than enough work. Often, there is a shortage of skilled lawyers. It is for these two reasons that I hope you will consider becoming a member of the death and dirt section.

We are in the midst of the re-creation of subcommittees on both sides of our section. Publication, legislation review, legislative initiatives, membership, technology and education are the current opportunities. We look forward to hearing your ideas and gaining from your enthusiasm and knowledge. Join our section today!



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