It’s said that all politics is local…and it’s true! That’s why the PBA and its Legislative Department need your help to enhance our legislative advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill in Harrisburg.

On rare occasions during a legislative session, the PBA has to “call-up-the-troops” statewide to help push or stop a piece of legislation before the General Assembly. A special effort such as this helps to supplement the monitoring, information sharing and lobbying activities of our Legislative Department staff. When all of the different views and positions have been put forth, it is typically the grassroots advocacy efforts that have a very meaningful impact on lawmakers.

As such, we are compiling a list of our local PBA members who are willing to call or write their state senators or representatives on short notice. Your assistance only would be requested in those efforts that most affect the profession — whether to support legislation or to oppose it.

Be a PBA Grassroots Contact!

Email the Legislative Department for more information about how you can assist the legislative efforts of attorneys across Pennsylvania!

Local Bar Association Visits

Local bar associations are the basis of our successful grassroots network. They help us reinforce our important legislative messages to legislators back in their home districts. In fact, many legislative leaders have told us that our grassroots network is essential to our continuing efforts to increase our political power at the State Capitol.

The PBA Legislative Department meets with local bar associations in an effort to ensure our unified legislative voice in Harrisburg. At their meetings, local bar associations allot time on their agendas for presentations by our legislative team. Following the presentations, the team entertains questions regarding our legislative efforts and/or specific issues. On some occasions, the legislative team attends local bar legislative receptions, dinners or other programs. The Legislative Department continues to schedule more visits with local bar associations, working toward its goal of meeting with all local bar associations across Pennsylvania.

If your local bar association would like to schedule a visit, please call 1-800-932-0311, Ext. 2207.