Law Firm Marketing and Business Development

Business development is essential to the success of any firm. As such, it is important for you to define your target market clearly and to know whether it is growing or declining. You also need to identify your competition and assess their relative strengths and weaknesses. You need to know your clients' business goals and objectives. Where do you find all of this information?

Are law firm rainmakers born or can they be created with training and mentoring? How do you develop a multi-level marketing strategy to establish and/or increase market share in your target market? How do you differentiate your firm from those of your competitors?

Efforts of all of the attorneys in your firm should be coordinated and contribute toward an overall plan. But how do you accomplish that? How do you build and ensure coordination and accountability?

When did your firm last survey your clients to determine how satisfied they are with your service and whether they have other needs you may be suited to fill?

To determine what may work best for your firm and learn what law firm marketing is all about, start with the many helpful resources in this section.