E-Mentorship Program

Pennsylvania Bar Association

Young Lawyers Division E-Mentorship Program

The program runs from March 2021 to March 2022.

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

— John Crosby


The YLD E-Mentorship Program aims to foster relationships between law students/new lawyers and young lawyers in a low-stress setting. We will initially connect law students and new lawyers with young lawyers electronically. Mentors will reach out to mentees monthly with the goal for the relationship to develop based upon the individual mentors and mentees. By fostering constructive mentoring relationships, the YLD E-Mentorship Program seeks to elevate the competence, professionalism, and success of Pennsylvania law students and new lawyers.

Goals of Mentor/Mentee Relationship

Being a law student or new lawyer is tough and it can be intimidating to seek out a formal mentor/mentee relationship. Our program affords the opportunity to seek mentorship from a young lawyer who has recently been in the mentee’s position. Connecting the mentors and mentees electronically reduces the stress and formality of traditional mentorship programs and allows the relationship to grow organically in whatever manner is most beneficial to the individual mentors and mentees. 

A successful mentor will help a mentee navigate the complicated world of the legal profession by serving as a resource and confidant to the mentee. A successful mentee is someone motivated to be an exceptional lawyer by recognizing the value in learning from others. The mentor/mentee relationship should help bridge the gap between law school and the legal professional by providing guidance in professional conduct and promoting a sense of pride in being a lawyer. Mentors will be given guidance as to the type of monthly communication that is expected, which can be tailored based upon circumstances. Mentees will be able to utilize mentors as a resource for questions or advice.


In order for the relationship to be beneficial, we will make every effort to match law students/new lawyers with young lawyers by practice area, geographic area, or other commonalities. Please fill out the registration form.

We look forward to welcoming back experienced mentors as well as welcoming new mentors to the program.

Registration Forms are due March 19, 2021 Registration is closed at this time.

Online Mentor Registration Form

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