Solo and Small Firm

The Solo and Small Firm Section shall take as its province the enhancement of the skill of the lawyer in solo and small firm practice, by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information essential to improvement of the lawyers' quality of legal services; the assistance of lawyers in solo or small firm practice in utilizing the best techniques, methods and procedures for carrying on the practice of law and providing legal services, so that lawyers engaged in the solo or small firm practice of law will improve their ability to deliver the most efficient and highest quality of legal services to their clients; the provision of a medium through which solo and small firm practitioners may cooperate with, encourage and assist each other in the resolution of problems common to them and to the legal profession, all to their mutual benefit and that of the Association and the legal profession at large; and the representation of lawyers engaged in the solo or small firm practice of law.

PBA. Bylaws, Article VI, Section 642



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