Women in the Profession Commission

The Commission on Women in the Profession shall assess the current status of women in the legal profession and identify barriers that prevent them from full participation in the work, responsibilities and rewards of the profession; make recommendations to the PBA Board of Governors and House of Delegates for action to solve problems the commission identifies and develop educational programs to address discrimination against women lawyers and the unique problems they encounter in pursuing their professional careers

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Women Justices/Judges of the Pennsylvania Appellate Courts

In recognition of Women’s History Month, WIP recognizes women justices/judges who sat and who are sitting on Pennsylvania appellate courts. A special thanks to Dr. Joel Fishman who compiled this list and gave permission to use his work. See the full list.  Our current featured jurist is Chief Justice Debra Todd.



The Majority Judicial Opinions of Chief Justice Debra Todd of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (2008-2024)