Jan. 26
Live Webinar

Get the most out of your free access to Fastcase. Fastcase is offering PBA members a free, live webinar to help you conduct successful caselaw, statutory and regulatory research. Familiarize yourself with the tools and ask questions of the Fastcase research and support team. Click here to sign up.

Feb. 2-6
Bonita Springs, Florida

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Feb. 17
via Zoom

Sponsored by the Minority Bar Committee. Get more information and register.

Feb. 24-26

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April 13-14

Sponsored by the Environmental and Energy Law Section. Get more information and register.

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Click here to listen to the latest Family Law Section “Law in the Family” podcasts, including: “Cryptocurrency Considerations in Family Law” with Alex Langan of Langan Financial; and “Bankruptcy’s Impact on Family Law Cases” with Tracy Updike of Mette, Evans & Woodside.

The PBA Law-Related Education Committee is working with the Third Circuit Courts, Community and Rule of Law Committee to promote an essay contest, “What does the rule of law mean to you and to our country?” Essays must be submitted by March 18. Get more information. 

In addition to receiving mailed printed copies, members also have access to the PBA Quarterly online. The January 2022 issue includes these articles: Hearsay Evidence at Preliminary Hearings: Verbonitz, Ricker, McClelland and Beyond; Shaping the Contours of Corporate Fiduciary Duties; A Distinction with a Difference: Understanding How the Federal Tort Claims Act Can Impact a Medical Malpractice Case; and Pleading for Clarity: Appellate Guidance Needed to Settle the Issue of the Proper Pleading of Recklessness in Personal Injury Matters. Read the issue online. (Member login required).

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To continue your access to valuable PBA membership benefits, renew your dues/section memberships now. Members who are billed directly, click on the "Renew Dues" link on your member dashboard to renew online. Requests for 2022 PBA dues waivers/periodic payments, granted only on the basis of medical disability or other hardship that adversely impacts the ability to pay membership dues, must be received by Jan. 31, 2022. Contact PBA Member Services at 800-932-0311 or msc@pabar.org for more information.

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In celebration of Constitution Day, PBA President Kathleen Wilkinson encourages all to remember the unifying goals expressed in the preamble and to renew our commitment to celebrate and use our differences to make us stronger and better together.

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