Law Day

What is Law Day?

Law Day is held every May 1 throughout the nation to celebrate the rule of law. It was established in 1958 by President Dwight Eisenhower to mark the nation’s rule of law and codified by Congress in 1961. Law Day underscores how the law and the legal process contribute to the freedoms that all Americans share. Law Day also provides an opportunity to recognize the role of courts in democracy and the importance of jury service to maintaining the integrity of the courts.

Each year, the American Bar Association designates a Law Day theme and provides free resources and materials to assist bar associations and lawyers in planning law day events such as educational community forums and school visits.

Pennsylvania has traditionally commemorated Law Day by focusing on educating students about the rule of law. Through classroom visits by lawyers and judges and an outstanding set of free law-related lesson plans prepared for K-College classrooms, the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation, Pennsylvania Bar Association and county bar associations across the commonwealth work with schools to educate children about their legal rights and responsibilities in the new millennium. Lawyers can choose to focus on discussing the annual ABA theme, their own career and experience as a lawyer, or discussing topics designated by the schools. The free lessons and materials are designed to be informative and engaging for all students.

As we celebrate Law Day this May 1, we are grateful for our partnership with the American Bar Association and the Philadelphia Bar Association for our program Taking the Next Step. This program is a gathering diverse and bipartisan group of Pennsylvania community leaders from all walks of life with the goal of facilitating an open discussion among Pennsylvanians on how elections are administered and how a proper understanding of civics impacts each of us. Click here between 1:30 - 5:30 p.m. to watch the livestream.

We are pleased to share that the PBA 2021 Law Day Chalk Art program was one of 12 Law Day programs selected and recognized by the American Bar Association! Thank you to everyone who participated in our Law Day program and helped make it a success! Law Day is funded by the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation.

Below are a few favorite lessons you can use to talk with students about the Rule of Law. These ideas can be easily adapted to virtual discussions.


No Animals in the Library - This is a fun exercise that requires students to think about making decisions based on an unclear rule and then consider the consequences of their decisions. A sample introductory script is provided to give you some ideas on how you might talk with students about your job and tie in the "No Animals" lesson.

Middle to High School

No Vehicles in the Park - This lesson engages students and adults by asking them to think and decide on various hypotheticals. By doing this they begin to understand what goes into making a law, why laws are needed, the difficulty in making decisions based on an unclear law and then considering the consequences of their decisions on individual citizens and the community.
I Can't Wear What?
In this lesson from the iCivics web site, students meet Ben Brewer and find out what happened the day he decided to wear his favorite band T-shirt to school in violation of a new dress code rule. Students read a summary of a Supreme Court case to figure out the "rule" that applies to Ben's problem. Everything you need to deliver this lesson, including step-by-step instructions, is provided by the iCivics team. Many other great lessons are provided on the iCivics website.
Why We Have/Need Rules and Laws - This exercise asks students to think about the need for laws using a hypothetical situation where there has been a natural disaster.