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LAW DAY 2006

LAW DAY 2006
“My World — My Responsibility”

Teaching kids about their legal rights and responsibilities is what this year’s Law Day program is all about. The theme for Pennsylvania’s celebration is “My World — My Responsibility.” Children of all ages will have the opportunity to explore the ways in which they can have an impact on our world.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association and local bar associations across the state will sponsor Law Day activities throughout the month of May. In addition, schools, lawyers and judges are encouraged to work together to arrange for classroom visits and to use the PBA’s new, free law-related lesson plan book in all schools.

Pennsylvania’s Law Day 2006 celebration is coordinated by the PBA Law-Related Education Committee and funded by the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation.

Law Day 2006 Planning Schedule

February – May 2006: Law Day 2006 K-12 Lesson Plan Guide Available
May 1, 2006: Law Day 2006
May 1 – 31, 2006: Schools, Judges & Lawyers Celebrate the Law

Law Day 2006 Registration Form
2006 K-12 Law Day Lesson Plan & Additional Lessons
List of Lawyers & Judges Interested in Visiting Classrooms
List of Schools Interested in Having Lawyers & Judges Visit
Law Day Activities in Your Area

Law Day 2006 Classroom Visits
The PBA will maintain a list on the PBA Web site of all lawyers, judges and educators interested in participating in classroom visits. Use the registration form above to have your contact information included on the list. Then simply visit this Web site throughout the spring to see if anyone is registered in your area and contact that person/school directly to arrange a visit. Your name ONLY will appear on the Web site if you check the appropriate box when you register.

Please call the PBA Law Day Hotline at 1-877-329-7621 with any questions. You may also e-mail your questions to lawday@pabar.org.