Technology and the Law Office

Technology is advancing at the speed of byte. Lawyers who have not yet embraced technology as an integral part of their practice strategy are becoming woefully unprepared to compete with their peers. These "techno-impaired" lawyers may even be viewed as committing malpractice for failure to use widely accepted and available tools in the representation of clients, or for failure to understand essential concepts such as potential risks to confidentiality created by metadata.

Does your firm have a technology plan? If not, do you know how to create one? How do you ensure that what you buy today will work with what you need tomorrow? Is there an alternative to the "rip and replace" PC cycle, which has proven prohibitively expensive for many law firms?

What technology investments will provide the greatest ROI benefits in terms of servicing your clients and increasing your firm's productivity?

Use the resources in this section to help guide you through the technology maze. And remember, you can always contact Ellen Freedman for additional information, including recommendation of skilled vendors in your area who can provide hands-on assistance to your firm.