Judicial Evaluation

Judicial Candidates: JEC Questionnaire Available

Questionnaires must be returned by March 1, 2021

The Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission evaluates the qualifications of candidates to appellate courts in Pennsylvania. Individuals who are considering filing as judicial candidates for the open seat in the May 2021 primary election should obtain a copy of the Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire and a copy of the commission’s guidelines and bylaws.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Commission recently completed a round of ratings earlier this month. However, because additional judicial candidates have requested ratings from the Commission, the process is being re-opened for other candidates campaigning for an appellate seat.

To receive these materials, contact Susan Wolf at the PBA Judicial Evaluation Commission, P.O. Box 186, Harrisburg, PA, 17108; 800-932-0311, ext. 2276; or susan.wolf@pabar.org.

In order to ensure that each candidate receives a full and fair evaluation, the completed questionnaire should be returned by March 1, 2021, to the PBA Judicial Evaluation Commission at the address above.

The ratings will be announced at the conclusion of all the evaluation sessions, which will take place prior to the May 2021 primary election date. Under the commission’s guidelines, any candidate who does not participate in the evaluation process will receive a “Not Recommended” rating.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission is responsible for developing and implementing a judicial evaluation process for appellate judicial candidates in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Commission's procedures include reviewing reports of investigative panels commissioned specifically for each candidate, interviewing each candidate, discussing qualifications, and reaching an agreement upon and issuing ratings for candidates for appellate judicial office.

The Commission strives to provide the voting public with an objective evaluation of candidates who stand for election or retention to the appellate bench in Pennsylvania. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the Commission inspires public confidence in its recommendations by remaining non-partisan and impartial.



100 South Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

Phone: 800-932-0311

Western Pennsylvania Office:

Heinz 57 Center, 339 Sixth Avenue, Suite 760
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Phone: 412-914-8840