Enter by May 7 to Participate in the 2021 Law Day Chalk Art Contest!

Sometimes we all need to take a little break and step away from the stresses of our everyday law practices. The PBA is encouraging all members to celebrate Law Day with us by taking a break, going outside, getting some chalk, gathering your kids or a few kids from the neighborhood and drawing a Law Day celebration message (please follow CDC guidelines regarding masks and social distancing to ensure the safety of everyone involved).

 The purpose of this contest is to celebrate and promote Law Day or the 2021 Law Day theme “Advancing the Rule of Law Now.” Children of any age can participate. The chalk art project can be as simple as drawing the letters for “LAW DAY 2021” or “RULE of LAW.” Will it be written in cursive or with block letters that are filled in with stripes or polka dots? What colors will you use? Are you adding flowers, butterflies or more law-related symbols like a flag, stars, an eagle, a gavel, a judge on the bench, the scales of justice?

This is a great opportunity to engage safely with young people and talk about the importance of laws in our society and the rule of law. These are meant to be conversations — not formal lessons — but they do provide a great opportunity to engage kids and make them think about their community and the real-life, day-to-day ways that the rule of law shows up, helping them understand what the rule of law means in a concrete way in their everyday life.

Here are some more ideas to get you started…

  • This is an opportunity to talk in an age-appropriate way, about rules and laws, and that one of the reasons we have rules and laws is to keep people safe. You can remind youth about current rules for social distancing and safety.
  • You can talk about rules on where you could draw, do you need to ask permission, what is trespassing, we cannot deface other people‘s property, what kind of speech or message would be appropriate to write in a place that is visible to others in the public; there are lots of opportunities for informal conversations about the law and rule of law. What other examples can the youth think of where there are rules?
  • You can talk about the purpose of rules and laws.
  • What are the consequences of breaking the rule or law?

Share Your Photos, Tag the PBA and Enter the Contest

  • We encourage you to share photos of the completed chalk art project on Facebook or Twitter and tag the PBA. Use the hashtag #PBAlawday2021 so we can see your posts!
  • To be considered for one of the four $50 prizes, the supervising adult must send an email to lawday@pabar.org and include the adult’s contact information. A photo of the artwork without any children is required. You are invited to share up to three additional photos which may include the youth. Please also share a sentence or two describing the activity (for example: how many youth were involved, what was drawn and why, what was discussed, etc.). The PBA will not post photos of children without permission and we will not directly publish the names or other identifying information on our social media accounts.
  • Official entries must be received by May 7 to be considered for one of the prizes. It will be the responsibility of the adult that submitted the entry to disburse the prize among the group that participated with them if chosen as one of the winning entries.

We hope you have fun doing this. We hope it brings a smile and a break from the stresses of pandemic life, while also promoting the role of lawyers, judges, the courts, our judicial system and the rule of law.



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