Workers’ Compensation Law Certification

Lawyer specialty certification benefits lawyers, consumers of legal services and the legal profession.
On Jan. 12, 2012, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court recognized the Pennsylvania Bar Association Workers' Compensation Law Section as a certifying organization in the area of workers' compensation law.

PBA Workers’ Compensation Section Lists Names of Lawyers Certified in Area of Workers’ Compensation Law
In April 2024, three (3) lawyers were certified by the PBA Workers' Compensation Law Section as specialists in the practice of workers' compensation law. This person joins the additional lawyers currently holding active certification.

List of Certified Legal Specialists in Workers’ Compensation Law (alphabetical by last name)

The application period for Workers’ Compensation Certification opens Oct 1.

Application Process

  • The application period for workers’ compensation certification will open on Oct. 1.
  • A $325 application fee is due when the application is submitted. Applications cannot be processed without the application fee. This fee is non-refundable. After your application is processed and verified, you will be notified if you have met the requirements for sitting for the exam. An exam fee will be due at that time.
  • PDF Version of the 2023 Application (subject to change for the 2024 application)
  • 2024 Exam Guidelines and Procedures (subject to change for the 2025 exam)

Learn more about how to apply and maintain certification.