The PABAR-PAC is the political action committee of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Its mission is to help elect legislators who represent the interests of Pennsylvania’s legal profession –our profession – and the clients we serve. Pennsylvania lawyers and the clients we represent are greatly affected by the decisions made by our lawmakers in the state Legislature, yet today only about 20 percent of the lawmakers serving in Harrisburg are attorneys. Thus, our challenge is to educate the Legislature and the public about how the legal process works and the critical role lawyers play in it.

With issues such as taxes on legal services, the unlicensed practice of law, funding for the courts and civil legal aid, legal advertising, civil rights, children's rights, elder law and real property, the legal community cannot afford to have fewer legislators on Capitol Hill who lack an understanding of our profession. This is why the PABAR-PAC exists, to act as a leader in the fight against these assaults on the professionalism and the livelihood of Pennsylvania lawyers.

PABAR-PAC funds do not support gubernatorial, judicial or other statewide candidates or any federal candidates. The PABAR-PAC focuses solely on the Pennsylvania Legislature, contributing to the campaigns of incumbent legislators and candidates of all parties who support legislation and initiatives of importance to Pennsylvania lawyers and the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

PABAR-PAC: Make Your Voice Heard. The PABAR-PAC’s ability to advance our profession within the Legislature depends on your support. Join the PABAR-PAC at the Capitol Club level today to help make our voice heard on Capitol Hill.

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