Executive Council Profiles
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The Minority Bar Committee has a variety of subcommittees and liaisons to or from other committees that support the work of the committee.

The Minority Bar Committee leadership, subcommittee chairs and liaisons with other PBA committees are listed below.

Minority Bar Committee Leadership

  • Philip Yoon, Co-Chair
  • Samuel Encarnacion, Co-Chair
  • Sandy Feliz, Co-Vice Chair
  • Morgan Bonekovic, Co-Vice Chair
  • Janaki Theivakumaran, Secretary

Diversity Summit

  • Jada Greenhowe, Co-chair
  • Antoinette Hubbard, Co-chair


  • Norris Benns, Co-chair

Minority Attorney Conference

  • Marisa H. Lattimore, Co-chair
  • Gina M. Thomas, Co-chair
  • Rhodia Thomas, Co-chair


  • Sandy Feliz, Co-Chair
  • Sharon R. Lopez, Co-chair
  • Jacqueline B. Martinez, Co-chair
  • Janaki Theivakumaran, Co-chair

Minority Law Day Central PA

  • Samuel Encarnacion, Co-chair
  • Ebony Hammond, Co-chair

Minority Law Day Pittsburgh

  • Imogene Cathey, Co-chair
  • Verdell Dean, Co-chair

Minority Law Day Philadelphia

  • Nigel Scott, Co-chair
  • Tyesha Miley, Co-chair
  • Kristine Calalang, Co-chair


  • Arlene Marshall-Hockensmith, Chair


  • Kristine Calalang, Co-chair
  • Beverly Rampaul, Co-chair


  • Rodney Akers, Chair


  • Sharon R. Lopez, Co-chair
  • Jacqueline B. Martinez, Co-chair

Government Attorneys

  • Gina Thomas

Rising Star

  • Rakim Solomon — Chair

YLD Liaison

  • Mariane Gardner

PBA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Team Ambassador

  • William Cluck