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Our members are law firm partners and associates, solo practitioners, judges and academics located in all of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties, including lawyers in the major metropolitan regions of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and the state’s capitol city, Harrisburg. Our membership rolls also include lawyers located in states across the country, with significant numbers in the Mid-Atlantic region (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Washington, D.C.).

Available in digital formats as well as direct mailed, Pennsylvania Bar Association publications are routinely cited by members as among the top benefits offered to them by the association. Members turn to us for information about the latest trends and developments in the law, ethical guidance and law practice management advice, as well as the numerous updates about educational opportunities to enhance their knowledge about the law.

Advertisers routinely use PBA publications with these goals in mind:    

  • Showcase products and services that lawyers need, want and purchase
  • Increase business awareness and referrals
  • Highlight attorney-to-attorney business opportunities
  • Make firm announcements to drive future business
  • Reinforce law firm branding initiatives for future employment and business opportunities

Connect with your target audience and succeed in meeting your business goals.

Advertising Opportunities

The Pennsylvania Lawyer (bimonthly magazine - printed/direct mailed and available online)

Pennsylvania Bar News (semimonthly tabloid newspaper - printed/direct mailed and available online)

PBA Lawyers Directory (annual directory/guide available by subscription - printed/direct mailed and available online with daily updates)

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Combination Buys

The Pennsylvania Bar Association offers a combo frequency program to maximize your delivery - and savings.

For example, a six-time placement schedule in The Pennsylvania Lawyer magazine and a six-time schedule in the Pennsylvania Bar News tabloid newspaper will yield advertisers a 12-time frequency discount in both publications.

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