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Articles of Incorporation

ARTICLE I. General Provisions.

Section 101. Definitions.

Section 102. Zones.

Section 103. Autonomy of Local Bar Associations.

Section 104. Corporate Seal.

ARTICLE II. Membership.

Section 201. Classes of Membership.

Section 202. Privileges.

Section 203. Admission Procedure.

Section 204. Termination or Suspension of Membership; Censure.

Section 205. Effect of Termination and Transferability of Membership.

ARTICLE III. House of Delegates.

Chapter A. Organization and Powers of the House.

Section 301. Composition of the House of Delegates.

Section 302. Powers and Functions of the House.

Section 303. Voting and Other Rights of Delegates.

Chapter B. Rules of the House of Delegates.

Rule 321. Meetings of the House.

Rule 324. Credentials and Admissions.

Rule 327. Presiding Officer.

Rule 330. Committees of the House.

Rule 333. Quorum, Manner of Acting and Adjournment.

Rule 336. Order of Business.

Rule 339. Privileges of the Floor.

Rule 342. Local Bar Association Submissions; Section and Committee Reports

Rule 345. Debate.

Rule 348. Voting.

Rule 351. Nominations and Elections of Officers.

Rule 357. House Record.

Rule 360. Amendment and Suspension of Rules.

ARTICLE IV. Board of Governors.

Section 401. Composition of the Board of Governors.

Section 402. Powers and Functions of the Board.

Section 403. Meetings of the Board.

Section 404. Quorum, Manner of Acting, and Adjournment.

Section 411. Executive and Other Committees.

Section 412. Committee Procedures.

Section 421. Finance Committee.

Section 422. Finance Committee.

ARTICLE V. Officers and Executive Director.

Section 501. Number and Qualifications of Officers.

Section 502.General Powers.

Section 511. The President.

Section 512. The President Elect, Vice President and Immediate Past President.

Section 513. The Chair of the House of Delegates.

Section 514. The Secretary.

Section 515. The Treasurer.

Section 516. The Executive Director.

ARTICLE VI. Sections and Divisions.

Chapter A. Sections.

Section 601. Sections; Additional Sections.

Section 602. Membership of Sections.

Section 611. Section Meetings.

Section 612. Section Organization and Procedures; Reports.

Section 613. Cooperation with Bar Associations.

Section 621. Administrative Law.

Section 624. Aeronautical and Space Law.

Section 627. Civil Litigation.

Section 630. Business Law.

Section 633. Criminal Justice.

Section 635. Education Law.

Section 636. Environmental, Mineral and Natural Resources Law.

Section 639. Family Law.

Section 642. Solo and Small Firm Section.

Section 645. International and Comparative Law.

Section 648. Labor and Employment Law.

Section 651. Municipal Law.

Section 654. Public Utility Law.

Section 657. Real Property, Probate and Trust Law.

Section 663. Tax Law.

Section 666. Workers' Compensation Law.

Section 667. Intellectual Property Law Section

Section 668.Elder Law Section

Chapter B. Divisions.

Section 681. Young Lawyers' Division.

Section 682. Division Meetings.

Section 683. Division Organization and Procedures; Reports.

Section 684. Cooperation with Bar Associations.

ARTICLE VII. Committees.

Section 701. Committees.

Section 702. Appointment of Committees.

Section 711. Committee Meetings.

Section 712. Committee Organization and Procedures; Reports.

Section 713. Cooperation with Bar Associations.

ARTICLE VIII. Meetings and Procedures.

Section 801. Parliamentary Matters in General.

Section 811. Notice, What Constitutes.

Section 812. Waivers of Notice.

Section 813. Modification of Proposal Contained in Notice.

Section 814. Virtual Meetings.

Section 815. Proxies; Written Ballots.

Section 821. Annual Meeting.

Section 822. Other Meetings.

Section 841. Referendum.

ARTICLE IX. Nominations, Elections and Vacancies in Office.

Section 901. Local Bar Association Delegates.

Section 902. Zone Delegates in the House of Delegates Generally.

Section 903. Section Delegates.

Section 904. Young Lawyer Zone Delegates.

Section 906. Zone Governors.

Section 907. Minority and Woman Governors.

Section 908. Unit County Governor.

Section 911. The President.

Section 912. The Chair of the House.

Section 913. President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 914. Nominating Committee.

Section 921. Nomination Procedures Exclusive.

Section 931. Delegates to American Bar Association.

Section 941. Resignations and Removal.

Section 951. Vacancies.

ARTICLE X. Dues and Other Financial Affairs.

Chapter A. - General Provisions.

Section 1001. Fiscal Year.

Section 1002. Dues.

Section 1003. Unit Plan of Membership.

Section 1011. Section Dues.

Section 1021. Section and Committee Disbursements.

Section 1031. Bonding.

Section 1032. Checks and Deposits.

Section 1033. Contracts.

Section 1041.Annual Report of Board of Governors.

Chapter B. Indemnification of Delegates, Directors and Officers.

Section 1051. Scope of Indemnification.

Section 1052. Proceedings Initiated by Indemnified Representatives.

Section 1053. Advancing Expenses.

Section 1054. Denial of Right to Indemnification.

Section 1055. Expenses in Successful Defense.

Section 1056. Right of Claimant to Bring Suit.

Section 1057. Securing of Indemnification Obligations.

Section 1058. Discharge of Duty.

Section 1059. Contract Rights; Amendment or Repeal.

Section 1060. Scope of Chapter.

Section 1061. Reliance on Provisions.

Section 1062. Interpretation.

ARTICLE XI. Publications and Other Representatives of the Association.

Section 1101. Publications.

Section 1111. Representation of the Association.

Section 1112. Representation of Sections and Committees.

Section 1121. Continuing Legal Education.

ARTICLE XII. Procedure for Amending Articles or Bylaws.

Section 1201. Proposal of Amendments.

Section 1202. Notice.

Section 1203. Adoption of Amendments.

Section 1204. Amendments Affecting Rules of the House, Etc.

Section 1205. Amendments Relating to Sections.

Section 1206. Sunset Provision.

Section 1207. Recession and Repeal of Certain Provisions.