Welcome to the House of Delegates of the Pennsylvania Bar Association

Modeled on the structure of the American Bar Association, the House of Delegates is the PBA's primary policy-making authority. The House of Delegates was created in 1966, a product of a series of organizational reforms that earlier had created the Board of Governors. The PBA’s reorganization coincided with Pennsylvania’s adoption of a new state constitution in 1968, an achievement in which the PBA played an important role.

The House meets twice each year, once during the PBA’s Annual Meeting and once at some other time of the year determined by the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors is authorized to act for the PBA between meetings of the House so long as the Board acts consistently with any prior policies adopted by the House on a particular matter.

This section of the PBA Website is designed to provide convenient access to important information about the House. The following topics are covered:

1. Powers and Functions of the House of Delegates - describes the authority of the House.

2. Geographic Structure - lists the counties included within each of the twelve “Zones” of the PBA.

3. Composition of the House - describes the make-up of the House as established under the PBA Bylaws.

4. Committees of the House - sets forth the Committees of the House, their membership and purposes.

5. Attendance - sets forth the procedure to be followed by a House Delegate to request an excused absence from a House meeting.

6. Reports - includes selected reports of House Committees.

7. Meetings of the House - summarizes the Bylaw provisions governing the time and place of House meetings and gives the time and location of upcoming House meetings.

8. Agenda for Upcoming House Meeting - lists the tentative agenda for the next House meeting.

9. Nomination and Election of Officers and Delegates - sets forth the procedure under the PBA Bylaws for the nomination and election of the officers of the PBA and the Delegates of the House.

10. House of Delegates Archive - sets forth the actions taken at previous meetings of the House.

11. Past House of Delegates Chairs - lists the House of Delegates Chairs since 1966.

We hope that you find this and the other sections of our Website informative and useful.

James A. Wells
Chair, House of Delegates