The Communications Department is responsible for PBA publications and numerous committee/section newsletters. The department promotes programs, policies and members of the association, working closely with the media and other organizations. Providing the association’s public relations, the department issues news releases, coordinates publicity for events and meetings, and develops campaigns to promote public understanding of the law.

Jeffrey A. Gingerich
Director of Communications
800-932-0311, Ext. 2216
Fax: 717-238-2342

Kate C. Sherman
Communications Manager
800-932-0311, Ext. 2247
Fax: 717-238-2342

Andy M. Andrews
Senior Publications Editor
800-932-0311, Ext. 2259
Andy M. Andrews
Fax: 717-238-2342

Tina R. Schreiber
Publications Editor
800-932-0311, Ext. 2277
Fax: 717-238-2342

Patricia M. Graybill
Editor, Pennsylvania Lawyer/PBA website
800-932-0311, Ext. 2289
Fax: 717-238-2342

Diane L. Banks
Senior Publications Editor
800-932-0311, Ext. 2217
Fax: 717-238-2342

Coleen J. Jones
Member Services Representative/Communications Assistant
800-932-0311, Ext. 2226
Fax: 717-238-2342



100 South Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

Phone: 800-932-0311

Western Pennsylvania Office:

Heinz 57 Center, 339 Sixth Avenue, Suite 760
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Phone: 412-914-8840