Have a question about the PBA?

Use the list below to identify the PBA staff member who can best answer your PBA-related question. Staff members may be contacted at 800-932-0311 or 717-238-6715. To speed your connection when using the PBA’s voicemail system, enter the staff member’s four-digit extension included on the list. Staff also may be contacted by the listed email addresses.

ABA House (PA Delegation) Sandra Graver, x 2221
ABA Publications http://www.abanet.org/abastore/index.cfm
Accounts Payable Ashley Heffernan, x2219; Lisa Hogan, X2237
Accounts Receivable Ross Miller, x2287
Address Changes Member Service Center, x2211, x2254
Advertising Coleen Jones x2226
Alternative Dispute Resolution Susan Wolf, x2276
Annual Meeting Wendy Loranzo, x2225
Attorney Registration Office (atty. licensing) Pa. Disc. Bd. - 717.731.7073
Avoiding Legal Malpractice Sessions Susan Etter, Esq., x2256; Bridget Gillespie, Esq., x2300
Bar Examination/Admissions Pa. Bd. Law Examiners - 717.795.7270
Bar Foundation Siena McLees, x2234
Bar Insurance Fund Sandra Graver, x2221
Bar Trust Fund Sandra Graver, x2221
Bills (House & Senate) Fred Cabell, Esq., x2232
Biographical Files Coleen Jones, x2226
Board of Governors Tameka Altadonna, x2280
Bridge-the-Gap Sessions PBI, 800.247.4724 or pacle.org, 717.795.2139
Budget Lisa Hogan, x2237
Caravans (Young Lawyers) Maria Engles, x2223
Casemaker Help Bridget Gillespie, Esq., x 2300
Certificates of Good Standing 215.560.6370 – Supreme Court Prothonotary
Claims Repair Hotline (potential malpractice questions) 888.200.5212
Classified Ads (PA Lawyer/Bar News) Coleen Jones, x2226
Client Security Fund 717.691.7053
Committees Melisa Spinelli, x2253; Susan Wolf, x2276; Ursula Marks, x2206
Computers/Management Info Systems Al Trosky, x2286
Conference Call File Lisa Jones, x2211
Conference Room Reservations Lisa Jones, x2211
Conference of County Bar Leaders Susan Etter, Esq., x2256
Consumer Pamphlets Lauren Derrick, x2208
Continuing Legal Education PA Bar Institute, 800.247.4724
County Bar Association Directory http://www.pabar.org/CountyDir/Map.asp
County Bar Awards Gabriele Miller-Wagner, x2240; Susan Etter, Esq., x2256
County Bar Newsletter (County Line) Susan Etter, Esq., x2256
County Bar Services Susan Etter, Esq., x2256; Bridget Gillespie, Esq., x2300; Gabriele Miller-Wagner, x2240
County Courthouse Information LAWYERS DIRECTORY
Court-Related Agencies LAWYERS DIRECTORY
Courts (Federal & State) LAWYERS DIRECTORY
Data Processing Al Trosky, X2286
Display Ads (PA Lawyer, Bar News) Coleen Jones x2226
Disciplinary Board Counsel Pa Disciplinary Bd., 717.731.7083
Dispute Resolution (Lawyers to Lawyers Dispute Only) Susan Wolf, x2276
Diversity Resource Center Trent Hargrove, Esq., x2281
Dues Billings Ross Miller, x2287
Dues Waivers Member Service Center, x2211, x2227, x2254
Elections (House of Delegates) Tameka Altadonna, x2280
Employee Benefits Becky Frank, x2220; Paul Skolka, x2213
Employment Verification Becky Frank, x2220
Ethics Opinions www.pabar.org – Members Only
Ethics Questions (PBA members only) Victoria White, Esq., x2214
Financial Information Lisa Hogan, x2237
Governmental Affairs Fred Cabell, Esq., x2232
House of Delegates Tameka Altadonna, x2280; Becky Frank, x2220
Insurance Fund and Trust, The Sandra Graver, x2221
Insurance (Employee) Paul Skolka, x2213
Insurance (Members) USI Affinity, 800.265.2876 (East), 800.327.1550 (West)
IOLTA Board 888.724.6582
Judicial Ratings (Judicial Evaluation Commission) Susan Wolf, x2276
Law Day Susan Etter, Esq., x2256
Law Practice Management Service Ellen Freedman, x2228
Law-Related Organizations LAWYERS DIRECTORY
Law Related Education Susan Etter, Esq., x2256
Law Student Membership Maria Engles, x2243
Lawyers Addresses/Telephone Numbers Member Service Center, x2211, x2227, x2254; www.padisciplinaryboard.org
Lawyers Directory (Subscriptions) Coleen Jones, x2226
Lawyers Directory (Editorial) Tina Schreiber, x2277
Lawyers Saluting Veterans Gabriele Miller-Wagner, x2570
Lawyer Referral Service 800.692.7375; x2235, x2254
Lawyer Referral Service/Disabilities Member Service Center, x2254, x2211
Lawyer Referral Service/Exceptional Children Member Service Center, x2254, x2211
Legal Service Offices (Legal Aid) LAWYERS DIRECTORY
Legislative Bills Fred Cabell, Esq., x2232
Legislative Information Fred Cabell, Esq., x2232
Listservs Daniel Fuentes, x2255
Magazine Subscription Service 800.603.5602
Mailings Paul Skolka, x2213
Mailing Procedures Paul Skolka, x2213
Maintenance (Buildings) Paul Skolka, x2213
Malpractice Avoidance Programs Susan Etter,Esq., x2256
Malpractice Hotline (Claims Repair Hotline) 800.257.4449
Media Inquiries Jeff Gingerich, x2216; Suzanne Cibotti, x2247
Meeting Exhibits/Exhibitors Siena McLees, x2234
Meetings Director Wendy Loranzo, x2225
Meetings Coordinator Holly Wertz, x2245
Meeting Rooms (In-House Meetings) Lisa Jones, x2211
Membership (Benefits & General Information) Member Service Center, x2211, x2254
Midyear Meeting Wendy Loranzo, x2225
Military & Veterans Issues David Trevaskis, Esq., x2236; Gabriele Miller-Wagner, x 2570
Mock Trial Maria Engles, x2223
New Admittee Conference Maria Engles, x2223
News Releases Suzanne Cibotti, x2247; Jeff Gingerich, x2216
Online Events Calendar Nancy Wilkes, x2259
Opinions (Ethics) Victoria White, Esq., x2214
(Pa Courts/Slip) Melisa Spinelli, X2253
(UPL Committee) Susan Wolf, x2276
PA Bar Foundation – PA IOLTA Loan Repayment Siena McLees, x2234; Ashley Heffernan, x2219
Assistance Program 888.238.3036
PA Bar Quarterly (Editorial) Jeff Gingerich, x2216; Robert E. Rains, Dickinson Law School
PA BAR-PAC Fred Cabell, Esq., x2232
PA Bar Quarterly (Subscriptions) Coleen Jones, x2226
PA CLE Board 800.497.2253, www.pacle.org
Parking Assignments Becky Frank, x2220
Past Presidents Sandra Graver, x2221
Payroll Ashley Heffernan, x2219
PBA Policies & Positions Tameka Altadonna, x2280; Becky Frank, x2220
PBI Publications 800.247.4724, www.pbi.org
Pennsylvania Bar Foundation Siena McLees, x2234
Pennsylvania Bar News (Editorial) Nancy Wilkes, x2259
Pennsylvania Bar E-brief Suzanne Cibotti, x2247
Pennsylvania Lawyer (Editorial) Patricia Graybill, x2289
Personnel Paul Skolka, x2213
Placement (Classified Ads) Coleen Jones, x2226
Press Contacts Suzanne Cibotti, x2247
Law Firm News Releases Patricia Graybill, x2289
PBA News Releases Jeff Gingerich, x2216
Printing Individual staff responsibility
Pro Bono Program David Trevaskis, Esq., x2236, Gabriele Miller-Wagner, x2297
Project Peace David Trevaskis, Esq., x2236
Reciprocal Agreements Pa Bd. Law Examiners 717.795.7270
Rules of Professional Conduct Pa. Code-§81.4, pacode.com
Safe Surf, Operation PA Attorney General, 717.787.3391
Media Awards (formerly Schnader Awards) Suzanne Cibotti, x2247
Sections Pamela Kance, x2243
Slip Opinions Tameka Altadonna, x2280
Statutes Fred Cabell, Esq., x2232
Section Newsletters (Subscriptions) Melisa Spinelli, x2253
Supplies (Office) Becky Frank, x2220
Trust Fund Sandra Graver, x2221
Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) Susan Wolf, x2276
USI Affinity Insurance 800.265.2876; info@usiaffinity.com
Videotapes (PBI) 800.247.4724, www.pbi.org
Waiving in to the Bar Pa. Bd. Law Examiners. 717.795.7270, www.pabarrexam.org
Website Content Patricia Graybill, x2289
Website Questions Daniel Fuentes, x2255
Western PA Services Bridget Gillespie, Esq., x2300
Wills for Heroes Maria Engles, x2223
Workers’ Compensation Certification Melisa Spinelli, X2253
Young Lawyers Division Maria Engles, x2223
Youth Courts David Trevaskis, Esq. x2236

The majority of PBA's standing committees are administered by the Committees and Section Departments. Several committees, however, have been assigned to individual staff members who may or may not be part of the Committees and Sections Department. Listed below are the assignments.

Access to Justice David Trevaskis, Esq., x2236
Agricultural Law Susan Wolf, x2276
Alternative Dispute Resolution Susan Wolf, x2276
Amicus Curiae Brief Ursula Marks, x2206
Animal Law Pamela Kance, x2243
Annual Meeting Wendy Loranzo, x2225
Appellate Advocacy Pamela Kance, x2243
Bar/Press Suzanne Cibotti, x2247
Bylaws Tameka Altadonna, x2280
Charitable Organizations Ursula Marks, x2206
Children’s Rights Susan Wolf, x2276
Civil & Equal Rights Ursula Marks, x2206
Civility in the Profession Victoria White, Esq., X2214
Commission on Women in the Profession (WIP) Ursula Marks, x2206
Community and Public Relations Jeff Gingerich, x2216
Corrections System Ursula Marks, x2206
Cyber Security Susan Wolf, x2276
Disability Services Committee Susan Wolf, x2276
Editorial Jeff Gingerich, x2216
Federal Practice Susan Etter, x2256
Gaming Law Susan Wolf, x2276
LGBTQ+ Rights Ursula Marks, x2206
Government Lawyers Pamela Kance, ext. 2243
Health Care Law Ursula Marks, x2206
Immigration Law David Trevaskis, Esq. x2236
In-House Counsel Susan Wolf, x2276
Insurance Staff Attorney Susan Wolf, x2276
Judicial Administration Committee Ursula Marks, x2206
Judicial Campaign Advertising Jeff Gingerich, x2216
Judicial Evaluation Commission Susan Wolf, x2276
Judicial Independence Commission Jeff Gingerich, x2216
Large Law Firm Committee Karla Betts, x2227
Law Related Education Susan Etter, Esq., x2256
Lawyer’s Assistance Ursula Marks, x2206
Legal Academics Bridget Gillespie, Esq., X2300
Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility Victoria White, Esq., x2214
Legal Services for Exceptional Children Ursula Marks, x2206
Legal Services to the Public David Trevaskis, Esq., x2236
Medical Marijuana & Hemp Law Ursula Marks, x2206
Membership Development Karla Betts, x2227
Midyear Meeting Wendy Loranzo, x2225
Military & Veterans’ Affairs David Trevaskis, Esq., x2236
Minority Bar Susan Wolf, x2276
PBA Diversity Team Susan Wolf, x2276; Trent Hargrove, Esq., x2281
PBA Leadership Recruitment and Development Committee Tameka Altadonna, x2280
PABAR-PAC (Political Action Committee) Ashley Murphy, Esq., x2246
Plain English Susan Wolf, x2276
Planning Committee Karla Betts, x2227
Professional Liability Susan Etter, Esq., x2256
Quality of Life/Balance Ursula Marks, x2206
Review & Certifying Board Ursula Marks, x2206
Senior Lawyers Ursula Marks, x2206
Shale Energy Law Pamela Kance, x2243
Statutory Law Ashley Murphy, Esq., x2246
Unauthorized Practice of Law Susan Wolf, x2276
Young Lawyers Division (YLD) Maria Engles, x2233


PBA Lawyers Directory(Editorial) Tina Schreiber, x2277
PBA Lawyers Directory(Subscriptions) Coleen Jones, x2226
Pennsylvania Lawyer Patricia Graybill, Editor, x2289
PBA Quarterly Jeff Gingerich, x2216
PA Bar News Nancy Wilkes, Editor, x2259
PA Bar E-brief Suzanne Cibotti, x2247
Guide to Member Services Member Services, x2254; x2211
Pennsylvania Ethics Handbook PBI, 800.247.4724
Publications – miscellaneous www.pabar.org
Reporter's Guide to the Law www.pabar.org, (download from Media Center on PBA web site)
Administrative Law (email only) Diane Banks, x2217
Aeronautical & Space Law (web only) (hiatus) Tina Schreiber, x2277
Agricultural Law (hiatus) Susan Wolf, x2276
Appellate Advocacy (web only) (hiatus) Tina Schreiber, x2277
Alternative Dispute Resolution (email only) Tina Schreiber, x2277
At Issue (YLD) Diane Banks, x2217
Business Law (email only) Tina Schreiber, x2277
Child Advocate/Children’s Rights (web only) Diane Banks, x2217
Civil & Equal Rights (email only) Tina Schreiber, x2277
Civil Litigation (web only) Nancy Wilkes, x2259
Collaborative Law (web only) Diane Banks, x2217
Corrections Committee (web only) (hiatus) Tina Schreiber, x2277
County Line Diane Banks, x2217
Criminal Justice (web only) Nancy Wilkes, x2259
Education Law (hiatus) Pam Kance, x2243
Elder Law (email only) Tina Schreiber, x2277
Environmental & Energy (web only) Pam Kance, x2243
Family Lawyer (web only) Nancy Wilkes, x2259
Federal Practice (web only) Diane Banks, x2217
Gaming Law Committee (web only) (hiatus) Tina Schreiber, x2277
GLBT Rights (web only) Diane Banks, x2217
Government Lawyers (web only) Diane Banks, x2217
Health Care Law (web only) Nancy Wilkes, x2259
Intellectual Property (web only) Diane Banks, x2217
Labor & Employment Law (email only) Tina Schreiber, x2277
Minority Bar (web only) Diane Banks, x2217
Municipal Law Tina Schreiber, x2277
Pro Bono News Suzanne Cibotti, x2247
Public Utility Law (hiatus) Tina Schreiber, x2277
Quality of Life Nancy Wilkes, x2259
Real Property, Probate & Trust Diane Banks, x2217
Shale Energy (web only) Nancy Wilkes, x2259
Solo & Small Firm (web only) Tina Schreiber, x2277
Statutory Law (web only) Diane Banks, x2217
Tax Law (web only) Diane Banks, x2217
Voices & Views (WIP) (web only) Diane Banks, x2217
Workers’ Compensation PBI or Nancy Wilkes, x2259



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