Section 403

Section 403. Meetings of the Board; Absences.

(a) The Board of Governors may meet at such place within or without this Commonwealth and at such time as the Board may from time to time appoint, or as may be designated in a notice of a special meeting.

(b) The Board shall meet immediately prior to the Annual Meeting and the Mid Year Meeting and immediately after each Annual Meeting.

(c) Special meetings of the Board shall be held whenever called by the President or by five or more Governors. Notice of a special meeting shall be given to each Governor at least five days before the time at which the meeting is to be held.

(d) On or within 15 days after the commencement of the meeting, a Governor who fails to attend a regular meeting of the Board may request an excuse from such absence by filing a request therefor with a Board committee appointed for that purpose. The Committee shall act on all requests and give written notice of its action to the Governor affected within 10 days of its receipt. A Governor whose request is refused may appeal to the Board, the appeal to be heard and decided at its next regular or special meeting held after its receipt, but not thereafter. A vacancy occurring because of the provisions of this subsection shall be filled as provided in Section 951(c).



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