PBA President Issues Statement on Recent Supreme Court Ruling

HARRISBURG (June 27, 2022) – Pennsylvania Bar Association President Jay N. Silberblatt issued the following statement regarding the United States Supreme Court’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

“Our civil society is presently engaged in social and cultural debates about many issues, including reproductive rights. Recently, our United States Supreme Court has issued an important decision on this subject. By its decision, the nation’s highest court overruled judicial precedent set 50 years ago, altered the legal landscape for women and eliminated a recognized constitutional right. 

“All sides of these discussions feel passionately about their positions. Whether we personally agree or disagree with the court’s decision, we are reminded to respect our democratic process and the rule of law.

“We enjoy the right to act and speak out in response to the court’s decision. Our actions and our speech must be responsible and peaceful. Disagreements are inevitable. Civil discourse is essential. The PBA will be offering its members educational resources and forums that relate to the issues surrounding the court’s decision and will be encouraging members to engage in ongoing educational sessions. 

“Our current and future legislators at the national and state level will be making additional decisions that will affect our legal rights. Candidates in upcoming elections have differing views on these issues. Therefore, whether you support the court’s decision or oppose it, learn all you can about the candidates and remember that your voice in the democratic process includes your vote.”

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