PBA Issues Statement on the Integrity of Our Democracy and Judicial Independence

HARRISBURG (Feb. 26, 2020) — Pennsylvania Bar Association President Anne N. John today issued the following statement:

“An individual's access to justice through an independent judiciary is a cornerstone of a free society. Accordingly, the PBA reasserts its steadfast commitment to the constitutional principle of an independent judiciary and embraces its duty to defend that principle.”

As lawyers, we are in a unique position to both observe and to participate in the judicial branch and its administration of justice. The integrity of our system of justice requires that this equal branch of government be free from outside influence. In particular, we must assure that the independence of the judiciary is always respected and never diminished.”

Founded in 1895, the Pennsylvania Bar Association strives to promote justice, professional excellence and respect for the law; improve public understanding of the legal system; facilitate access of legal services; and serve the lawyer members of the state’s largest organized bar association.