PBA President López Issues Statement Regarding Calls for the Impeachment of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices

HARRISBURG (Feb. 23, 2018) — Pennsylvania Bar Association President Sharon R. López has issued the following statement regarding calls for the impeachment of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices:

“Above all else, our democracy rests on the rule of law. Our democracy depends on the separation of powers among the judicial, legislative and executive branches.

That being said, the judiciary must have the independence to interpret the law without political interference or threats of impeachment by another branch of our democracy.

The Pennsylvania Constitution makes clear that public officials can be impeached ‘for any misbehavior in office.’ There are no allegations of misbehavior in this case.  

The remedy for those who disagree with the court’s decision is appeal, and a second appeal was filed yesterday with the U.S. Supreme Court. Seeking an appeal is consistent with abiding by the rule of law.

Although there have been some limited statements insinuating an attempt to impeach is next, we at the Pennsylvania Bar Association believe our legislators will keep the public trust in our system of government, the independence of our judiciary, and the rule of law, even though they disagree with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision.”

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Source: Pennsylvania Bar Association, 100 South Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101