Pennsylvania Bar Association Issues Statement About the Resignation of its 2020-21 President

HARRISBURG (April 27, 2021) – Pennsylvania Bar Association Executive Director Barry M. Simpson has issued the following statement:

“Earlier today, our leadership team was notified that a misdemeanor charge was filed against the 2020-21 president, David Schwager. He has resigned.

While the charge is troubling, every person accused of a crime is considered innocent until proven guilty, and we have confidence in the operation of our justice system.

Following our association bylaws, 2020-21 President-elect Kathleen D. Wilkinson has automatically become the president and will subsequently begin her planned term as the association’s 2021-22 president at the close of our House of Delegates Meeting on May 21.

To our members, your leadership team is extremely well-versed on the many initiatives, programs and activities of this association and will carry forward as planned.” 

Founded in 1895, the Pennsylvania Bar Association strives to promote justice, professional excellence and respect for the law; improve public understanding of the legal system; facilitate access of legal services; and serve the lawyer members of the state's largest organized bar association.