Remote Bar Exam: Connecting Bar Applicants with Testing Spaces

With all of the challenges that 2020 has presented for the legal profession—especially for law students— it’s critical that every bar applicant taking the remote bar exam July 26-28, 2021 has equal access to adequate testing space. That’s why the Pennsylvania Bar Association has partnered with the Board of Law Examiners to help connect bar applicants with rooms with stable Wi-Fi connections.

Have a testing space with Wi-Fi? Sign up here. (Bar applicants may also need access to a computer with a camera if available.) Please send any changes to room status to

Are you a bar applicant looking for a space? See the current list of participating law firms.

The process: The PBA will continually update an online list of participating firms for those taking the bar exam in July. It’s then up to the interested bar applicant to reach out to the law firm contact provided to reserve a space.

The Board of Law Examiners requires only one bar applicant per room. No monitoring of the room is necessary during the testing period. While any volunteering law firm confirms by offering a space that it anticipates having power and a good Wi-Fi signal, the bar applicant recognizes that unexpected things can happen so the volunteering law firms assume no liability should there be a power problem or a Wi-Fi problem during the exam. Have any additional questions? Candidates and exam hosts may learn more about the remote exam administration by reviewing the material posted on the Board’s website for the February 2021 remote bar exam.



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