If you are in need of legal aid, click here and fill out the PBA Pro Bono Program Legal Assistance Request Form you find there. You should also check out The search engine on the website is excellent. Enter the county where you are having the problem and list the area of law to locate resources to pursue.

If you are a pro bono volunteer, the entry below will outline how pro bono is done in this county and detail any organized pro bono program for you to work with here. You can also go to the main PBA pro bono site for lawyers, and check out and sign up on Check out the The Pro Bono Program Directory is a searchable database of organizations that are seeking the assistance of volunteer pro bono advocates. You can find an opportunity that meets your volunteer goal by using the guide's filters to find an opportunity in your locality and legal area of preference.


Probono Coordinaor

Pro Bono in this County:

Information is currently being updated.

Clemente and Fernandes Honored with PBA Pro Bono Awards, Jan. 21, 2021
Matthew Clemente and Stephanie Fernandes received PBA Pro Bono Awards from PBA President David Schwager at the Jan. 21, 2021, meeting of the Wilkes Barre Law & Library Association Meeting. Both of these young attorneys volunteered to co-chair the revitalized Wilkes Barre Law & Library Association Pro Bono Committee, which had become vacant. They contacted North Penn Legal Services (NPLS), worked on an expungement program, a landlord-tenant program and finally a low bono start to service the North Penn overload in PFA and custody cases, with a mentor program to help young attorneys taking those cases. John Hurtt, NPLS managing attorney, said, “North Penn Legal Services would like to thank both Matthew and Steph for their help in the commencement of the Pro Bono Committee and services in Luzerne County. Without such dedicated practitioners, those in need would be extremely disadvantaged, particularly during the pandemic. “



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