If you are in need of legal aid, click here and fill out the PBA Pro Bono Program Legal Assistance Request Form you find there. You should also check out palawhelp.org. The search engine on the website is excellent. Enter the county where you are having the problem and list the area of law to locate resources to pursue.

If you are a pro bono volunteer, the entry below will outline how pro bono is done in this county and detail any organized pro bono program for you to work with here. You can also go to the main PBA pro bono site for lawyers, and check out and sign up on paprobono.net. Check out the https://www.paprobono.net/program-directory/ The Pro Bono Program Directory is a searchable database of organizations that are seeking the assistance of volunteer pro bono advocates. You can find an opportunity that meets your volunteer goal by using the guide's filters to find an opportunity in your locality and legal area of preference.


Probono Coordinator

Pro Bono in this County:

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MidPenn Legal Services 2019-20
The legal-aid provider in Centre County is MidPenn Legal Services.
Read the overview of MidPenn’s services to counties in 2019-20.
Read the report on MidPenn’s services in Centre County in 2019-20.

Ansari and Willson of Centre County Honored with PBA Pro Bono Awards, Dec. 13
Parviz Ansari and Yvette Willson of Centre County were honored with 2018 PBA Pro Bono Awards on Dec. 13 at the Centre County Bar Association (CCBA). Ansari, of the County Public Defender’s Office is assigned as the guardian ad litem in dependency cases. While he has always supported pro bono efforts, he became the co-chair of the CCBA Pro Bono committee about four years ago. He has been committed to exploring and pursuing ways to encourage members to volunteer time for pro bono by signing up with MidPenn Legal Services and the Women’s Resource Center (now Centre Safe) to take referrals. He also took the initiative to approach the board of governors to advise them that the current pro bono model was not working. He did so in a straight-forward manner that led the board to commit to the development of a formal CCBA pro bono program. He continues to be involved as the bar works on developing this important program.

Yvette Willson has worked in the District Attorney's office, worked as the director of the Women’s Resource Center Civil Litigation Representation Program, and is currently the associate director of the Office of Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response at Penn State. She has been a longtime member of the pro bono committee and has served as the co-chair of the committee. Along with Ansari, Willson has devoted time and energy to meeting with the judges, firms, and members of the local bar to advocate for programs that will assist with access to justice and organize volunteers. She also worked on the partnership with the Immigration Clinic, which involved many meetings with the clinic and with the board to explore options and consider the benefits of a partnership.

Below, from left: CCBA President Amy Marshall, PBA Pro Bono Coordinator David Trevaskis, Pennsylvania Bar Foundation President Jeffrey M. Bower and Parviz Ansari. Not pictured: Yvette Willson

Below, from left: Trevaskis, Yvette Willson, Marshall, and Sharon Barney

Centre County Bench/Bar Day, Oct. 14, 2016
The Centre County Bar Association's Bench/Bar Day program is designed as a full-day CLE program. David K. Trevaskis, PBA pro bono coordinator, and Ellen Freedman, PBA law practice management coordinator, will speak at the event, to be held at the Nittany Lion Inn at Penn State University. Get more information.

MidPenn Legal Services 2015-16 Fact Sheet, Posted January 2017
The legal-aid provider in Centre County is MidPenn Legal Services. Read the overview of the MidPenn's services to counties in 2015-16. Read the report on MidPenn's services in Centre Countyin 2015-16.



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