Clean Slate Project: A Success

My Clean Slate Project Update, October 2020
Thank you to the PBA members who assisted Community Legal Services’ highly successful pro bono project by reviewing the records of over 8000 Pennsylvanians and advising them whether their record qualified for sealing under the law and what steps needed to be taken to start the sealing process. Lawyers, law students and paralegals significantly helped people with criminal records determine if they could benefit under Clean Slate. More than 36 million past records that kept Pennsylvanians from being hired for jobs have been sealed and are no longer available to be viewed by potential employers. Under the law, persons seeking employment do not have to disclose sealed records.

Visit MyCleanSlate for more information.

Clean Slate Pro Bono Initiative
Then-PBA President-elect Anne N. John joined with Gov. Tom Wolf to announce the PBA and Community Legal Services program. Read more. View the news conference.

Then-PBA President-elect Anne N. John and Pro Bono Coordinator David Trevaskis discuss Clean Slate on Pennsylvania Newsmakers with host Dr. G. Terry Madonna. Watch here.



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