Law Day
Held during the month of May, the PBA and county bar associations mark Law Day with classroom visits by judges and lawyers and with free law-related lessons plans for K-college classrooms.

Celebrate the Constitution 
"...democracy and the principles of the Constitution, the principles of freedom, have to be taught. That's how our heritage is handed down from one generation to the next. It's all of our obligations to protect and defend the Constitution. But you cannot preserve what you do not revere. You cannot protect what you do not comprehend. You cannot defend what you do not know." Watch and listen to this C-SPAN clip of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.
    Leaders throughout history, from President George Washington to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., have clearly understood the importance of sharing with the next generation the philosophical principles that are the foundation of our government. The Pennsylvania Bar Association and Pennsylvania Bar Foundation provide resources to help teach students about their rights and responsibilities. 
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Judges and Lawyers in the Classroom - making a difference in the lives of children and teens!

Law-Related Education Efforts of the local County Bar Associations in Pennsylvania
In addition to the statewide civics and LRE programs at the Pennsylvania Bar Association, many local bar associations are actively engaged in their communities. Learn more about what is happening with LRE at the local level throughout Pennsylvania.

Celebrate the Constitution
Held each fall, this award-winning program gives students opportunities to learn about the Constitutions of the United States and Pennsylvania through fun and informative learning activities.

Mock Trial
One of the largest in the nation, the PBA/YLD Mock Trial Program provides teams of high school students the opportunity to act as lawyers and witnesses in simulated trials before judges and juries.

Project PEACE 
Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Attorney General and the PBA, Project PEACE teaches students how to discuss and mediate their disagreements to reach peaceful resolutions.

Stepping Out
This lawyer-led classroom program provides important legal advice to graduating seniors on important issues such as apartment rentals, car purchases, driving under the influence, marriage and divorce.

Law-Related Lessons from PA Teachers & Lawyers This collection of lessons and lesson plans, developed by teachers and lawyers, is designed for K-12 students.

Law for Kids by Kids 
This material, intended to help students learn about their rights, was created by New Hope Solebury High School student Ian Garvey during the 2001-02 school year. Garvey was the winner of the PBA Children's Rights Committee-sponsored Web site design contest. Disclaimer.

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Civics and LRE Resources

Teacher Online Registration Form
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