Section 348

Rule 348. Voting.

(a) Except where a written ballot is ordered, voting shall be viva voce, unless the presiding officer is in doubt of the result or a division is requested. Thereupon the House shall divide, those on the affirmative of the question first rising and then those on the negative rising.

(b) When a question has been decided by the House, any Delegate voting with the prevailing side may, on the same day, move a reconsideration. If the House shall refuse to reconsider or upon reconsideration shall affirm its first decision, no further motion to reconsider shall be in order unless by unanimous consent.

(c) Whenever the House, in conformity with the then applicable policies of the Association and applicable law, considers the question of the endorsement by the Association of any person for public office, the vote shall be by written secret ballot in such manner as may be directed by the House.



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