Section 339

Rule 339. Privileges of the Floor.

(a)  Any person not a member of the House may seek the privilege of the floor to speak to a matter before the body by request to the presiding officer and an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the voting Delegates present.  

(b) The chair of the Section or Committee (or the designee of the chair) has the privilege of the floor, without a vote, and may speak or make a motion concerning a report of his or her Section or Committee or any other matter within the jurisdiction of his or her Section or Committee.

(c) If a minority report is filed in connection with a report with recommendations of a Section or Committee, one representative selected by the minority of the Section or Committee for that purpose, although not a Delegate in the House, may speak once in the House on the question.

(d) If the Chair approves, the Executive Director may address the House.



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