Section 327

Rule 327. Presiding Officer.

(a) In the absence of the Chair of the House of Delegates the House shall choose viva voce a Chair pro tempore. Pending such selection, the Secretary shall assume the chair.

(b) The presiding officer shall preserve order and shall have the power to designate Delegates in the House to aid the presiding officer in so doing. The presiding officer shall require observance of the Rules of the House and shall decide questions of order and procedure, subject to appeal to the House. On an appeal by a Delegate from a ruling by the presiding officer, no Delegate shall speak more than once except by unanimous consent.

(c) The Chair of the House or his or her designee shall sign every resolution and attest every report adopted by the House and the report of proceedings in the House Record, after approving its accuracy. 

(d)  The Chair of the House shall, at the opening of each meeting of the House, make a brief statement of the principal business, which he or she expects to place before the House at that meeting. 



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