Section 324

Rule 324. Credentials and Admissions.

(a) The Secretary shall maintain a roster of the Delegates in the House determined in accordance with the provisions of Section 302 and 951 of the Bylaws and shall certify such roster to the Chair of the House at the opening of each meeting. Such roster shall be open for examination by any Delegate in the House.

(b) At the opening session of each meeting of the House, the Committee on Credentials and Admissions shall report in writing and may report orally to the House upon the roster prepared by the Secretary.

(c) A Zone Delegate who fails to register in person for a meeting of the House may request an excuse for such absence by filing a written request therefore with the Committee on Credentials and Admissions at any time before or within 30 days after the date of the opening session of the meeting of the House involved. The Committee shall act on all requests and give written notice of its action to the Delegates affected within 50 days after that date. A Delegate may appeal to the House a rejection of his or her request by filing an appeal with the Chair of the House within 30 days after such notice.



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