Section 204

Section 204. Termination or Suspension of Membership; Censure.

(a) A Member may resign at any time by submitting his or her written resignation, which shall be effective upon receipt at Association headquarters.

(b) A Member in default in the payment of any fees, dues or other monetary obligation to the Association may be dropped from membership after 30 days' written notice that such action will be taken if the nonpayment continues.

(c) A Member of a class, which requires a person to be a lawyer, shall maintain good standing at the Bar. If such a Member shall be disbarred, suspended from the practice of law or involuntarily transferred to inactive status or shall resign from the Bar while under disciplinary investigation, the Member shall be deemed to be expelled from the Association forthwith by reason of the termination of his or her status as a lawyer under the Pennsylvania Rules of Disciplinary Enforcement or corresponding provisions of the law of another jurisdiction, unless within 30 days after his or her status as a lawyer is so terminated, the person affected files with the Executive Director a written demand for trial under the procedures of Subsection (d).

(d) All resolutions and complaints in regard to the conduct of a Member shall be referred to the Committee on Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility. The committee, with the assistance of the Executive Director, shall investigate the matter and prepare a report and recommendation to the Board of Governors. A copy of the report and recommendation shall be sent to the Member at least 30 days before the time of the meeting of the Board at which it will be considered, together with notice of the time and place of hearing before the Board. At the hearing the Member may be heard in person and by counsel and full opportunity shall be afforded both sides to present their views. If the Board convicts, it may expel, suspend or censure the Member, otherwise it shall dismiss the charges.



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