Section 201

ARTICLE II. Membership.

Section 201. Classes of Membership. -- There shall be the following classes of Members in the Association:

(1) Associate Member. -- A lawyer who is not qualified to be a Regular Member.

(2) Honorary Member. -- A person who is a member of the legal profession who has been elected to this class by the Board of Governors.

(3) Senior Member. -- An Active Member who has been a Member for at least 35 years, has reached the age of at least 75 years, and has been transferred to Senior membership by the Board upon his or her written request. Those members who have attained Senior Exempt status prior to 2010 shall remain as Senior Exempt regardless of age and years of service as of 2010.

(4) Life Member. -- A person qualified to be a Regular Member who on or before June 1, 1980, elected to pay in lieu of annual dues the single payment formerly applicable to this class.

(5) Regular Member. -- A member of the Bar of this Commonwealth.

(6) Student Member. -- A law student in good standing who: (i) is registered in a Pennsylvania Law School: (ii) is a resident of this Commonwealth and is registered in any law school accredited by the American Bar Association or: (iii) states a present intent to practice law in Pennsylvania after graduation from any American Bar Association accredited law school.

(7) Sustaining Member. -- A person who is a Regular Member and who elects to pay the amount of annual dues applicable to this class of membership.

(8) Affiliated Member -- A person not otherwise eligible for membership in this Association who is: (i) a member of the Pennsylvania minor judiciary; (ii) appointed by the Supreme Court for employment as an administrator of the business of an appellate court, common pleas court or Philadelphia Municipal Court and supervised only by a court or judge; or (iii) recommended for membership by a Regular Member, employed as an administrator by a law firm or a governmental agency or a unit of the agency and supervised only by a lawyer responsible for managing the business of the firm, agency or unit.



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