Section 1111

Section 1111.  Representation of the Association.

(a)  Neither a Member of the Association, nor any Section, Committee, nor member thereof shall purport to speak for or act on behalf of the Association unless authorized by the House of Delegates or by the Board of Governors.  Except as otherwise provided by the House or by the Board the authority conferred upon them by this subsection shall be exercised by the President or by such other person or persons as shall be designated by the President. 

(b)  No report, recommendation, or other action of any Section or Committee shall be considered as the action of the Association unless and until it shall have been approved or authorized by the House or by the Board.  No Section or Committee or any member of any Section or Committee shall release any report or recommendation of such Section or Committees to the public before it is distributed to the House or the Board.  This subsection is not to be construed as limiting the customary news distributions of the Association through its public relations staff. 

(c)  Any material containing any report or recommendation circulated by any Section or Committee or by the public relations staff of the Association shall have clearly indicated thereon that the material reflects merely the personal views of the individuals proposing it and does not represent the view or action of the Association unless and until either the House or the Board has approved such report, recommendation or material. 

(d)  If representation of the Association requires the filing of a brief with a court, an administrative agency, another adjudicatory body or a legislative committee, the brief shall be submitted to the President for review and approval before it is filed.  The President shall determine whether the approval of the Board of Governors is required for the filing of any brief. The foregoing requirement shall not apply to information or technical memoranda submitted to a legislator or a legislative committee upon request. 



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