Management Monday

Managing a law firm isn’t always easy, particularly managing a firm remotely. The PBA is here to offer many resources to assist you in managing your practice.


Wellness Wednesday

Wellness, a word we have become all too familiar, is the key to success in the legal industry. From financial wellness to mental wellness, the PBA offers opportunities for you to advance your well-being. On Wellness Wednesday, we’ll share resources to help you be your best self.


Throwback Thursday

Happy 125th Birthday, PBA! We’ve been looking back on all that our members have accomplished. On Throwback Thursday, celebrate the past with us. Follow and share your involvement in PBA’s story with #PBA125strong and check out these historical articles, videos, and photos.


Freebie Friday

It’s Friday, so let’s have some fun!

Fun Fact:

There are a surprising number of celebrities who attended law school. Among them are John Cleese, Geraldo Rivera, Ben Stein, Gerard Butler, Jerry Springer, Ozzie Nelson, Jeff Cohen, and John Saviano. See more fun facts here.


The Legal Geeks


birthday cartoon penguin cartoon puppy cartoon superpower

MPRE® Information Session Webinar Recording – Kaplan Bar Review

Preparing for the MPRE®?  Check out this 10 minute webinar recording with Kaplan Bar Review’s Academics Director, Lisa Young, for information on preparing for the Multistate Responsibility Exam, accessing Kaplan's free MPRE® study materials and using the PBA discount code (PBABENEFIT) for a $200 discount on Bar Review. Watch the webinar here!




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