PBA 100th Anniversary Rededication Ceremony, July 1995

A ceremony at the PBA headquarters in Harrisburg featuring Gov. Tom Ridge, 1995-96 PBA President Arthur L. Piccone,  2001-02 PBA President and PBA Centennial Celebration Committee Chair H. Reginald Belden Jr., additional PBA leaders and more

PBA Centennial Celebration, September 1995

2001-02 PBA President H. Reginald Belden Jr., chair of the PBA Centennial Celebration Committee, interviews PBA leaders about the past, present and future of the association

“The Maclay Mansion – Witness to History,” 2006

PBA Executive Director Emeritus Theodore Stellwag provides a tour of the historic Maclay Mansion (the PBA headquarters in Harrisburg), highlighting Sen. William Maclay (Pennsylvania’s first U.S. senator) and other Pennsylvania legal luminaries

“The Legacy Project – Reflections of Past PBA Presidents”

Past PBA presidents share thoughts about their years as leaders and the value of membership in the statewide association



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