The Pennsylvania Bar Association is committed to civic and law-related education in Pennsylvania schools. Upon taking office in May 2018, 2018-19 PBA President Charles Eppolito III announced his plans to develop videos and lesson plans to support teachers’ efforts to increase high school students’ knowledge and understanding of our Constitution. Informed  and engaged citizens are critical to the success of a republic. 

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." 
—Thomas Jefferson.

Eppolito encourages attorneys and judges to visit local classrooms and talk with students about their responsibilities, the vital role of the judicial branch in our system of government and the many opportunities that exist for students to be civically engaged in their communities. We cannot take our freedoms for granted. Too many men and women have fought and sacrificed to ensure our American way of life, and civic education also plays an important role in preserving American democracy. 

“The Constitution does not belong just to judges and attorneys. It is yours. And with this possession comes serious responsibilities. It is not just the President who must preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. All of us must do so. But you cannot preserve what you do not revere; you cannot protect what you do not comprehend; you cannot defend what you do not know.”
– U.S.  Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy (retired)

We the People…
Many People. Many Beliefs. One Constitution.

Video Trailer

This preview is part of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s educational video series, Many People. Many Beliefs. One Constitution. The project is an initiative of 2018-2019 PBA President Charles Eppolito III, who is featured in this video. PBA extends a sincere thank you to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia for its assistance and use of the museum to make this video.

Take the U.S. Constitution Preamble Challenge
The PBA is challenging Pennsylvania students to use your voice, get involved and be heard! Recite the preamble. Be creative. Express yourselves. You’ve been challenged, now what will you do?

How to participate: Visit the Civics Renewal Network to register your class and get details. Share your activities, photos and videos on Twitter and Instagram by using #RenewCivics and #PBAChallenge

Classroom Resources
There are many excellent resources available to students and teachers on the Internet. Some of those resources are identified on our Resources on the Constitution page.







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