1. Membership in the largest lawyer constituency in the state, solo and small-firm practitioners, who make up over 60% of the lawyers in Pennsylvania.

2. Unified lobbying force designed to influence substantive legal issues, legislation and rules to protect general, solo and small-firm practitioners.

3. Information clearing house to assist general solos and smalls with law practice management, tools and techniques.

4. An annual state-of-the art model conference assembling general, solos and smalls from across the region to address problems encountered by all to improve their practice and quality of life.

5. Quarterly newsletter chock full of innovative tools and techniques from hands-on practitioners. Feature columns on such diverse topics as technology, promoting your practice, legislative update, hot tips, law practice management trends and focus on solos and smalls.

6. Discounts on group health insurance, malpractice insurance, CLE credits, telephone long distance, banking cards, rental cars, magazine subscriptions, PBA and ABA publications.

7. Lawyer-to-Lawyer Network Directory listing volunteer lawyers from across the commonwealth who are willing to assist fellow general, solos and smalls with questions or problems in practice, procedure and management.



100 South Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

Phone: 800-932-0311

Western Pennsylvania Office:

Heinz 57 Center, 339 Sixth Avenue, Suite 760
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Phone: 412-914-8840