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The Internet has revolutionized the practice of law. Information is now more accessible, is easier to search, and is available faster than ever before. Because the practice of law depends on complete, accurate, up-to-date information, familiarity with the Internet is becoming the standard for attorneys.

Though the Internet is a helpful tool, the staggering amount of information available can be overwhelming. It is easy to miss sites that may be helpful. As a courtesy, therefore, the Section has compiled these lists of links to help practitioners locate information that may be useful to them.

This information is not legal advice and is offered for educational purposes only. The Section does not endorse the listed sites. The Section did not verify that information contained on the listed sites is accurate, nor does it make any guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy of the information contained on the sites.

Though the vast majority of the links are to sites that allow the user free access to content, some sites listed require registration, some charge fees for use, and some require paid subscriptions.

Much of the information available through the Internet is amazingly new (e.g., retrieving copies of court opinions the same day they are released). Some other information is amazingly old and outdated. Practitioners must take into account the reliability of the source before deciding whether to rely on information on the Web, particularly from secondary sources.

The Section would like to thank Daniel B. Evans, Louis M. Kodumal and Anna Sappington for their contributions to these pages.

The Section does not regularly update this information. If you find a broken link or know of a site that should be included in the list, please contact Pamela Kance, PBA RPPT Section liaison.



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