Subcommittees of the Legal Services to the Public Committee

The PBA Legal Services to the Public Committee has in the past had four regularly-meeting subcommittees: Local Support, Pro Bono Conference, Development and Law Schools. These subcommittees were chaired by the co-chairs and the vice-chairs of the committee.

When needed, ad hoc subcommittees are created to deal with issues needing focused attention. One such ad hoc subcommittee covered common law marriage, an issue the state Legislature has finally given some closure to by eliminating it prospectively, though there remains some concern about educating the public about this change in the law.

As of the Nov. 16, 2006, committee meeting, only the Pro Bono Conference Subcommittee remained in operation, as the other three subcommittees have had their tasks taken over for the most part by new committees of the PBA. The subcommittee structure will be reviewed at the April 2007 Committee/Section Day Meeting.

Anyone with comments or concerns should contact PBA Pro Bono Coordinator David Trevaskis at [email protected].



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