Kathryn Boockvar 
Rating: Recommended

The Candidate has a varied background that includes working in a private law practice and as a legal services and public interest lawyer, most recently working on election law matters. She is regarded as bright, hard working and a zealous advocate for her clients. She communicates well. Her record of community service and bar association and professional organization activities is adequate but not extensive. She is experienced in handling cases that regularly come before the Commonwealth Court, but her appellate experience, including her experience before the Commonwealth Court, is limited. The commission finds that the Candidate possesses the legal ability, experience, integrity and temperament to perform satisfactorily as a judge of the Commonwealth Court and recommends her as a candidate for a seat on that court.

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Anne E. Covey
Rating: Recommended

The Candidate has been a member of the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board since 2002. Her legal experience is primarily representing businesses in the area of employment and labor relations. She has counseled, taught and consulted widely in matters involving this subject area. The Candidate is the author of numerous law review and law journal articles and a book, The Workplace Law Advisor. She demonstrates intelligence, writing ability, administrative experience, and judicial temperament. The commission concludes that the Candidate possesses good character, integrity and an excellent work ethic and that she would be able to perform satisfactorily as a judge on the Commonwealth Court.

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Barbara Behrend Ernsberger - Rating: Not Recommended (for failure to participate in evaluation process)

The Commission issued a "Not Recommended" rating to this candidate for failure to participate in the evaluation process.

Judge Paul P. Panepinto Rating: Highly Recommended

The Candidate has a breadth and depth of legal knowledge and experience garnered from his service as a judge on the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia since 1990. He is held in high regard by his colleagues and lawyers. The Candidate has demonstrated excellence and innovation in court administration, complex litigation matters and implementation of programs to combat truancy and violence. His legal writings are clear and well-reasoned. The Candidate's service on the Court of Judicial Discipline inspired his interest in restoring public trust. Based on his demonstrated ability to generate systemic change and his unique "big picture" perspective, the commission highly recommends this Candidate for Commonwealth Court.

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