Chair's Welcome

Dear Colleagues:

The In-House Counsel Committee of the Pennsylvania Bar Association invites both in-house and outside lawyers to join a committee dedicated to the exploration of issues related to working in-house as well as the interaction between in-house counsel and the outside counsel often necessary and called upon by in-house counsel to assist them. Unlike other in-house bar associations, the PBA In-House Counsel Committee allows the direct interaction between the inside and outside counsel. Over the years, the In-House Counsel Committee has engaged in a variety of activities in support of its mission, many of which we continue today virtually despite the pandemic environment. We encourage all PBA members to consider joining the In-House Committee and we welcome any thoughts, suggestions and comments to enhance our programing in order to achieve the goals of the committee.

Among the activities we hope to engage in this year to underscore the collaborative nature of our mission we include virtual counsel-to-counsel roundtable discussions, CLEs and participation in other PBA Section and Committee events, such as the Business Law Institute.

The In-House Counsel Committee enjoys a strong foundation of participating members. We look forward to interested lawyers joining and helping to grow the committee.

Do not hesitate to contact me should there be any questions.

John C Gregory, Jr.
Chair, In-House Counsel Committee / 2021-2022
General Counsel, Streamlight, Inc.



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