Pennsylvania Bar Foundation Nominating Committee Seeks Officer and Director Nominations for 2020 Elections

The Pennsylvania Bar Foundation Nominating Committee will meet in April 2020 to make nominations for the Board of Directors. The positions of president and vice president are eligible to serve 3 one-year terms. The positions of treasurer and secretary have no term limits. The Directors positions of are eligible to serve 2 consecutive three-year terms.

Jeffrey M. Bower, the current president, is serving his third term and is ineligible for re-nomination. Samuel D. Miller III, the current vice president, is serving his third term and is ineligible for re-nomination. Larry Coploff, the current treasurer and Christine Hall McClure, the current secretary are both eligible for re-nomination. Directors Kathleen Wilkinson and Lawrence Mansfield are serving their second terms and are ineligible for re-nomination. Directors Helen Gemmill, Michele Haggerty and Edwin Smith serving their first 3-year terms and are eligible for re-nomination. 

The positions to be consider by the Nominating Committee include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and 5 Director positions.

The powers and duties of the Foundation Officers are set forth in Article V., Sections 5.4 – 5.7 of the Foundation’s Bylaws. Additional Board service expectations/requirements may be found here. If you are interested in being nominated by the committee, please submit your qualifications and a brief biographical Curriculum Vitae by April 1 via email to: [email protected] or US mail to: Pennsylvania Bar Foundation Nominating Committee, P.O. Box 186, Harrisburg, PA 17108-0186. Those nominated will stand for election at the 20­­20 Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Bar Foundation Board of Directors and Members scheduled for May 7, 2020 at the Philadelphia 201 Hotel.