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Project PEACE Lesson Materials

Training Materials
Table of Contents
Educating for Democracy
Recognizing the Many Faces of Bullying
Call to Action for Schools and Legislators
Youth Courts: Lawyers Helping Students Make Good Decisions
City of Philadelphia Youth Court Resolution
Youth Court Support Center Statement
Project PEACE Green Woods Charter School PowerPoint, Feb. 15, 2013

Civics Lessons
East Africa Hypothetical Lesson
No Vehicles in the Park PowerPoint
No Vehicles in the Park
Frog to School Writing a Law
Conflict Lessons - Chocolate Drop Cookies
Chocolate Contract
Conflict Resolution Flag
Conflict Poll 2000
Coconut Chaos and the "Eight Ates"
Ways to Solve a Problem

Bullying Lessons
Bullying Defined
Curriculum Guide
Who, What, When, Where, Why How Training Activity
Bullying Rules Relay
Our School's Anti-Bullying Rules
Bullying Circle
Bullying Circle Exercise
Bullying Circle Exercise Cards
Anti-Bullying Books