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PBA Diversity Resources

Published PBA Articles
"Removing Barriers, Building Genuine Participation" (A "Side Bar" column by PBA President Matthew J. Creme Jr., Pennsylvania Lawyer magazine, November/December 2011)
"Seeking Diversity and Inclusivity" (A "Your PBA" column by PBA Executive Director Barry M. Simpson, Pennsylvania Lawyer magazine, March/April 2011)
"Love Will Find a Way" (A "Side Bar" column by PBA President Gretchen A. Mundorff, Pennsylvania Lawyer magazine, January/February 2011)
"The Eye of the Storm" (Article by Linda Kaiser Conley and Ilan Rosenberg, Pennsylvania Lawyer magazine, November/December 2007)
"Commentary: The Case for Diversity" (Article by Carla D. Pratt, Pennsylvania Lawyer magazine, March/April 2006)
"Fostering Diversity in Law Firms is an Evolutionary Process" (Article by Karen Jackson Vaughn, Pennsylvania Lawyer magazine, March/April 2006)

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